Well this happens to be my first blog post at my new domain marketingbykadri.com.My name is Kadri Egbeyemi.I joined the real estate investing world in the year 2002. I started with the home study course by Carlton Sheet ,then I stepped on to Robert Allen tuition course and real estate seminar, next to Ron Le Grande and series of other real estate investing GURUS until I ended up Louis Brown who actually made mea fearless real estate investor. In the last 6 years, I have invested an estimated Amount of $196,500.00 in attending real estate workshops, seminars, bootcamps,all Inclusive of the hotel expenses, flight fares and purchase of coaching materials. There are other real estate niches that I specialize upon like the FORECLOSURE, NOTE BUYING all of which has made me tons and tons of money in the single family Residences. Also worthy of mention is the Commercial Real Estate Investing which is a goldmine most people are yet to discover. I really salute my mentor in person of Cherif  Medawar whom I met 3 years ago and who I know for sure that his successes and achievements in Commercial Real Estate Investing has been unsurpassed and unparalleled at least for now.

I learned in my career of real estate investing that all is not only about just making money to earn a living but actively to help most homeowners in distress who really need help either trying to modify their mortgage with their lenders in order to save their home from going into foreclosure or having to negotiate a short sale on their behalf with their consent with their lenders to save their credit report from total ruin. In this way, we persuade their lender to take less than they owe and get someone to buy the house off them rather than going into foreclosure and rendering their credit report bad.

I have joined a lot of real estate clubs and associations both at state and national leveland in the process, I got into the mailing lists of some real estate investor Gurus that kept advertising different products and online programs that looks somehow lucrative. Lo and behold I fell in love with the marketing expertise of some super Affiliate marketers of Clickbank.The resultant effect was that I started to learn internet marketing by registering with Click bank in December 2008, and started buying different programs learning different skills and from there I got exposed to some internet marketing Gurus like Chris Carpenter of the Google Cash Detective ,Srini Saripalli of Go Rich Online, Frank Tarranova of the Mastermind Pros, Amish Shah of the Magic Bullet, David Walker, Gauher Chaundry of the PPC Formula 2.0 and Alex Jeffreys , one of the authorities in list building courses. He is the one I owe my step by step guide in list building mentorship to right now. Right now, I intend to join just about 4 reputable CPA networks to promote offers using the PPC  tactics through the 3 different seach engines, SEO, my 3 blog sites dedicated for list building , specialised websites and extensive media buys.

I have bee massively exposed to various internet marketing modules and techniques in Adwords, Yahoo search marketing ,the Microsoft and the Bing, the PPC, the media buys and the most interesting of them all to me is the Elite Caching Program that has been championed by Saj and Phil. Not too long early this year in 2009, that I came to realize  down to earth that “Internet Marketing Business” is the king of all the most  profitable businesses in the universe, even superseding the real estate investing business that was hitherto my darling business. I am now in the internet marketing world and still adapting forever. I am on the threshold of further expanding my boundaries of knowledge in this field and  sky is the limit for me. Friends and well wishers, I enjoin you all to follow suit and I promise you more goodies as new developments unfold. I hope  you have been inspired by my profile. Thanks.


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