If you want to build a solid internet business that will stand the test of

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time then you need to focus all your efforts on list building.

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Let us look at for example say you can generate 5,000 visitors to your website every month. If you convert one percent of that selling a $20 ebook you will make 50 sales which is the equivalent of $1,000 a month.

Now if you were to focus on list building and of those 5,000 visitors you convert to 1,000 subscribers a month based on a twenty percent conversion of your squeeze page. For more details www.autoresponders-unlimited.com If you earn 1 dollar a month for every subscriber after a year you will have 12,000 subscribers and be earning $12,000 a month.

I only wish I understood this much earlier in my internet marketing career as this would have dramatically boosted my income. Most affiliates will send all their traffic the affiliate sales page and not build their own business.

List building can be likened to weight training. The more training that you do the better that you become. It is best to focus all your efforts on traffic sources that will buy from you. Some traffic sources are worthless like banner exchanges and traffic exchanges.

You need to implement a different variety of methods to drive traffic to your squeeze pages. Say for example you use 10 different methods and each produces 3 leads a day that is the equivalent of 30 subscribers a day or 900 a month.

Here are some proven traffic sources that you can use to get traffic to your squeeze pages. For more details www.email-auto-format.com Post frequently to forums and leave a link to your website in your signature, write articles and submit them to the major article directories, use ppc adverts to generate traffic to your squeeze page, advertise in ezines related to your market and use joint ventures to promote your products with another company related to your market.

Finally, once you get going with these proven ways to generate leads that will buy from you I suggest that you experiment with other ways like viral marketing and web 2 to generate leads.


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