Facebook MarketingAre you aware that you can quite possibly double, triple, and even quadruple

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your traffic and sales and even dominate the Facebook marketing scene. It seems a lot of people. think that Facebook Social Ads (pay per click or pay per 1000 impressions) is the secret to Facebook marketing. Facebook users spend an average of 30 minutes a day interacting with friends in their social network. Facebook is now the largest photo sharing website globally.


In the past, Facebook was just a college photo and profile sharing tool that was only available for college students with a .edu email. However, because of its popularity, Facebook is now a worldwide social networking website that is made available to anyone who has a valid email address. This means that wherever you are and whichever school you go to, you will be able to join this very large social networking website as long as you have a valid email address.


The latest news in Facebook is it recently launched its Spanish translation version of Facebook. This means that more people will be able to join Facebook, particularly Latin-speaking countries. You have to consider the fact that over 60 percent of Facebook users are outside the United States and most people joining Facebook lives in countries where English is not the primary language.


Facebook is ready and waiting for you the hungry internet marketer to come in and secure your piece of the next internet revolution before all the spots are gone. Facebook networking can drive large amounts of free targeted traffic to your site and generate considerable buzz to your sites for FREE. Facebook is not a fad, with strong stats to show it has staying power for the foreseeable future. Facebook today is what myspace was like in the beginning for marketers.


Facebook now has more than 42 million users, and they’re smart, affluent, Internet-savvy people whom marketers can no longer ignore. Facebook members can comment on your brand, and there’s not much you can do about it. Facebook has recently been thrown open to third-party developers, who create applications that can be displayed in users’ profiles and pages. Facebook recently added ad analytics, and they’re improving all the time. Facebook will also be able to provide the marketing tools you need to effectively market your products or services.


It has blogs, applications, and it will also allow you to create groups. With these tools, you will be able to attract targeted traffic to your profile page and get them to visit your business website. In Facebook, you will see that it will already have the numbers. What this means is that it already has the traffic you need.


You don’t actually need to generate more traffic as Facebook is now considered to be self sufficient. One big problem a lot of people have is they are under the illusion that the largest amounts of targeted traffic come from the search engines. This is where a lot of marketers concentrate their efforts, when in fact they need to take a serious look at capturing large chunks of Facebook traffic.


As you should be well aware by now, Facebook has just about everything you need to market successfully. Facebook has the traffic as well as the tools you need to become very successful. All you need to do is get involved and capture a big portion of your sales, they are there just go after them now.




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EzineArticles.com – Facebook Marketing – Is This Possibly the Spike You Need to Reach the Top?


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