How to Write Squeeze PageIn this article, I am going to teach you how to write a squeeze page.


Of course, perhaps the first thing to ask is, what is a squeeze page. My personal definition is that it is a page that has as its only purpose the opting in of subscribers. And I mean that literally. Meaning that you don’t try to sell

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anything, or get someone to go to your blog, or anything else like that when you are writing a squeeze page. Because generally speaking, each additional action or link on your page dilutes your opt in box conversion rate. So if you want a page that will convert readers or visitors into subscribers, then in my opinion, you should work on getting the absolute highest conversion rate possible, and focus on converting people into buyers or sending them to your blog, at some other point in time.


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For example, you could send them to a sales page after they become a subscriber, or you could send them to your blog once they have been on your list for a few days.


So how should a squeeze page be formatted to get the highest conversion rates?


Experience tells me, and many others have proven this to be true, that a simple salesletter type formula tends to work really well, but instead of having something that is longer than a page or so, like a typical salesletter, we find that if the squeeze page is shorter then it tends to convert better. Of course you should always split test in your niche and to your own traffic to confirm that.


So the beginning of your squeeze/ landing page would be a strong headline. For example, if you are giving away a dog training manual on your website, then your headline might read like this: “Discover the 7 Secrets to Training Your Dog” Then beneath that headline, you might have 5 bullet points that describe what someone will learn when they download your free squeeze guide.


Then you will have an optin box, with some optin language like this: “To claim your free gift, simply put your name and email in the boxes below”


Of course, these are really the basics, I suggest you take some time looking at other people’s profitable squeeze pages. Find people online who are profitable, and look at their squeeze / landing pages to see what they are doing that you could be doing better.




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