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by the entrepreneurs to attract potential traffic towards the company website. These advertisements provide you with an opportunity to fetch the customers from other website related to your business. These banners can spark an interest among the visitors towards the product. An advertiser can attract the web visitors towards the company site. Once the visitors reach the company

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site the advertiser can persuade them to purchase the products and services. This helps the advertiser improve the conversion rates. Through the conversion rate the marketers are able to expand the customer base of the organization. It helps you in increasing the market share of the organization. The increased market share means more business opportunities and more revenue.




Importance of using banner for improving conversion rate:


An advertiser should always be able to create an excellent quality banner. A good quality banner can create interest and curiosity in the mind of the viewers. You can entice prospective customers towards your website. An attractively designed website can further motivate the potential web visitor to purchase the product. You should place the banner on the website that is closely related to your business. For instance, you can place the banner selling pens on another website selling other stationary items such as books or notepads. The advantage with this technique is that the person is able to fetch potential customers towards the website. Those who are interested in other stationary items have the tendency to show interest in pens. Another benefit is that the marketer can allure maximum and larger number of customers from other sites towards his business. The banner should be strategically placed so that the visitor can easily view the banner. It should be placed in such a way so that it does not hinder the visitor from viewing the content on the web page. A banner can also convey the correct company message to the viewers all over the Internet. You can also build brand image of the enterprise using banners. They help in attracting customers towards the product or services. They also increase the traffic to the website of the company. In this way, a marketer gets an opportunity to increase the sales of the organization. You can also create unique and attractive banners for your website using banner making software.


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