Increate Conversion RateYou can make more money with less traffic simply by increasing your website conversion rate. This sounds good doesn’t it? However, the truth is, increasing your conversion rate requires testing a patience. It is important that you test every change you make so that you can assess the results and make informed decisions. If you need to test your website conversion rate you can use the Google Optimizer tool

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as this is a very effective tool for testing your conversions.


So what are some things that might improve your conversion rate? Well, a very important part of getting your potential customers interest is what you say. This means, what you have written on your website. Words are powerful and using the right words makes a big difference to your visitors staying or leaving. You must grab their attention and tell them what they want to hear. This is important if you are going to get them close to making the conversion you want them to make, whether it is signing up to your email list or buying your product.


Another important aspect is the colors of your website. Look at all the large corporations on a global stage. A lot of them use red, blue or yellow as their primary colors. This is because these colors are most effective in getting people’s attention. So, do some basic research on this color principle and change your website colors accordingly.


Focusing your customer on the product is also important if you want then to buy. This means removing all other distractions like advertisements and text.


You need to get them to focus on your product 100% and do not allow them to exit the page unless they hit the back button. Simple principles like this can drastically change your conversion rate. The important point is to make sure you test every change you make so that you can easily make an informed decision and ensure that you are improving your webpages instead of going backwards.


Article Source: – Increase Website Conversion Rate


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