Making Million Dollars OnlineToday, more than ever, emails are inundated with get rich quick schemes, programs and yes, SCAMS. There are thousands of internet sites promising the next great promotion for you to make your millions today. I am not saying that there is not money to be made on the internet- there is, but you need to think about what it’s going to take to accomplish this. Are you asking yourself the right questions first.


Who are you investing your money with? Who is the person that is going to guide you through the internet maze? Who is going to be there to motivate and teach you? Who is the best customer for the product?


What are you selling? Does anyone really need or want what you are going to offer? What are the commissions to you? What happens if the product is not what they say it is? What if you cannot sell it? What are the past successes with the product?


Where do you sell your product? Where are you going to promote your websites?


When is the market going to be ready for your product? When are you going to start making the money, the residual income?


How are going to promote this product? How much should you invest upfront? How am I going to get people to buy the product? What skills do you possess now that will help you create sales?


Knowing these simple questions is the difference between the real successful Internet Marketer and the one that is trying to make it as an Internet Marketer.


So, is it possible to make a million dollars marketing online? You bet your behind it is. What is difficult is trying to do it on your own. Sure, if your up for the task, you can try it by yourself, but the learning curve is huge. There is attraction marketing, article writing, video marketing, social media, blog posting, to name a few areas one has to master to create an online career. And like any business, trial and error come into play.


But why do it alone when you can get yourself a mentor? What better way than to work with a pro who has done all the footwork, who has broken the barriers of learning marketing and who has done the testing to see what works and what does not?


I don’t know about you, but I wanted to get started right away. I didn’t want to waste valuable time and money bumping into brick walls with little or no results. Besides, all the pros have mentors. They brainstorm with each other and create new and lucrative ways to build their respective businesses. These are the guys I wanted to be around. You wouldn’t ask a skinny guy in the gym how to gain muscle would you? Then why not partner up with someone who can get you going in the right direction?


Business success has always come pretty easy for me. I knew what I wanted and what I did not. I educated myself in the niche that I had chosen and followed the experts. The only difference is in the offline world, most businesses weren’t too keen on giving advice or sharing their secrets of success. they were not giving away their sources for better materials or services, nor where they pointing me in the right direction. It was more of a “every man for himself” kind of attitude.


I realized that online marketing and sales was not so different. Although there are many people sending emails promising great information and trade secrets, this usually led right to another brick wall full of empty promises and lots of fluff and just some guy trying to scam people. There had to be a better way. I knew that like in the offline world there has to be people willing to give quality advice and information.


Mentorship was the answer. Successful individuals who not only make a great living online, but build more success by helping others do the same. It only seems logical. The internet is a vast market stretching all across the globe. Lots of customers, loads of information, and enough earning potential for anyone looking to learn marketing and get the ball rolling to create a legitimate internet business. A good mentor can guide you through all the learning curves and teach you the marketing skills needed to accomplish this. Why go through the trial and error phase and risk wasting time and money? It’s quicker, more productive and just makes plain sense to work with someone who can help make you successful.




Article Source: – Is Making a Million Dollars Online Possible?


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