Building a list is always a headache for internet marketers. However it is only those marketers who manages to overcome this headache that makes it in this business.

As for me, I rely primarily on article marketing as my means of list building. Currently, article marketing accounts for 80% of all my new subscribers in my list while the other two methods only help me to create 20% of my new subscribers.

Here is how I build my list with article

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1) Commit To Produce At Least 60 Articles A Month: If you have the time, you should commit to write at least 15 articles a week. If you do not have the time but you have the budget, you can engage a ghost writer to help you to produce those articles.

2) Submit Those Articles To At Least 10 Directories: Once you have written all the 15 articles for that week, you should submit them weekly to at least 10 directories in order to increase your website exposure as well as increase the number of inbound links to your website to improve your website ranking in the search engine.

3) Create A Responsive Resource Box: The whole art of this article marketing lies in your resource box. This is because your resource box is the door to invite your readers to your website. Therefore you need to craft a good resource box to increase your opt-in.

4) Submit Your Articles To Your Blog: You can also submit your articles to your blog to increase the readership of your articles and it can help to position you as an expert in the field.

5) Submit Your Articles To Squidoo: Beside your blog, you can also use your articles to create a squidoo lens.

This is what I do with my articles to create a massive list for myself and I believe you can also do it as well.

Now put this into practice and you will definitely see the result.

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