Online wealth is still a numbers game and the people who win are the ones who are in attack mode always.

Here are 3 tips to list building with articles…

You Can’t Build A House In A Day!

I am sick of the sales pages,uplines, and gurus delivering these high priced products and coaching without letting YOU know [How long the journey Internet wealth takes or how long it takes to see a difference, or the Truths behind marketing and building a list.]

You can’t build your business to a six figure or more cash machine in 30 days.

Article Marketing Tips On Outsourcing

Once you start seeing some returns, invest back by hiring ghostwriters. You may also hire people to manually submit articles for you or buy a reliable article submission software to hasten the process.

The more articles you write, the more exposure you will get, and the more money you will make. Follow these article marketing tips and see your bank account grow dramatically.

Distribute your Articles All Over the Internet!

While your articles will be sure to end up in at least a few article directories, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just those. Post your articles in all places – your own website and blogs, other related sites and wherever you can get permission to post.

While article marketing can easily be done by anyone with a word processor and an Internet connection, real and effective article promotion, however, requires a solid plan and a unique strategy that includes implementing a few tried and tested article tips


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