Online Lead GenerationWe all know how expensive leads can be when you try to buy them. There are a lot of paid methods that will work, but you will be paying out the nose for a lot of that. There are low cost lead generation methods that are simple to do. You just have to have a feel for how they work. While we know of dozens of good ones, we want to explain how 3 of the tops methods work for us.


Use these 3 top free methods of marketing to get massive leads for practically nothing.


1) News Letter– If you are not using this method you are missing out on one of the great tools in lead generation. A free newsletter that has to do with your industry can be a great way to get leads and keep your readers informed. You will also build a relationship with the people on your list. Be sure to offer additional information for referrals. You can get a lot of traffic and leads with this method.


2) Articles– When we think of low cost lead generation, articles come to mind immediately. Anything you write about can be turned into a lead generation tool. At the bottom of your article, you can offer more info to entice the reader to stop by your site. There you can offer a free report or training in exchange for the lead contact information. Articles stay out there on the net forever and cost you nothing to publish.


3) Contests– Depending on what you are selling, there may be an opportunity to hold a contest where your readers have an opportunity to show off their talent and gain recognition. You can offer a nominal prize or even the rights to post their creation on your site as the winner. Require name and email for submission and watch the leads flow in. You can also create a voting process that requires the same information. It can be a fun way to make a lot of contacts in a

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Low cost lead generation is not only possible; it is a normal fact of life for the smart internet marketer. You can learn to do this simply and quickly yourself. All you need to do is find the right marketing and mentoring system that will help you through the learning curve and help you when you have questions. There are many great ways to get the leads you want.




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