This is an important question marketers must ask themselves before they decide to build a list of prospects for their business. If your source of traffic is not a good one, your list building efforts will suffer. Here are a couple of traffic sources that can be used to build a list.

Pay-Per-Click Ads- You can use pay-per-click ads to generate prospects that are interested in your product or service, you must make sure that the keywords you advertise under for your pay-per-click campaign are highly targeted to the group of people you want to attract for your list.

If you don’t target properly, you will find that once a prospect is on your list, they will unsubscribe because the information you send them is not relevant to what they are looking for online.Here are a few companies that offer pay-per-click programs; Google, Yahoo and a company called bid-click.

Content Marketing- This is a term that I named after researching the most effective ways to market online. When I say effective, I mean the ways that generate the highest revenue from that marketing method. Content marketing is my winner.

Content marketing is simply giving useful information in your niche, you would give information out in the form of articles, free e-books, reports, audio and even video clips showing your expertise in your market.

The goal is to spread your content all over the Internet so that your prospects searching will find what you have to offer. Once your prospects find your content useful and helpful they will begin to trust you and refer back to your website.Prospects attained this way are more likely to buy into your product idea or service. These are two sources of traffic to build a list.

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