SquidooSquidoo, developed by Seth Godin, is based on the principle that everyone is an expert in some area. You can create a Squidoo lens (Squidoo website) on any topic of your choice and you can create as many lenses as you desire.


Squidoo is fast becoming the new MySpace because it addresses a real need and builds on other Web 2.0 technologies such as Flickr and YouTube.


Here are six good reasons why you should use Squidoo to accelerate your affiliate marketing and internet marketing:


1. Establish yourself as an expert


Squidoo is designed to enable you to provide your readers with concentrated information about a topic of your choice. As you develop your highly focused lens, you make your knowledge and expertise known to your Squidoo lens visitors. Seth Godin developed Squidoo to overcome the problem of often meaningless results from search engine enquiries.


2. Generate traffic to your website or blog


You can create links on your Squidoo lens to channel people to your own website, blog or your affiliate URL. You can also add images, banners and text ads.


3. Promote your articles


Squidoo enables you to include a links module where you can list your articles on your Squidoo lens. The cool part about this feature is that all you have to do is enter the URL of the articles and Squidoo automatically includes the description information (no re-typing).


4. Achieve search engine optimization at no cost


You can achieve a front

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page listing on Google for your Squidoo lens very rapidly. Google seems to value Squidoo lenses even more highly than blogs because of the highly focused nature of a lens and the readiness of Squidoo lensmasters to update their lenses on a regular basis.


5. Use a wider range of keywords to capture more traffic


One of the secrets of effectively using Squidoo lenses is to use multiple tags (keywords) for your lenses. There is no limit to how many tags you can use. Thus your articles included on your Squidoo lens can capture a wider range of visitors. You can easily employ long tail keywords without limitation.

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6. Get a quality backlink at no cost


Google has given Squidoo.com a ranking of 7. When you place your website/blog URL on your Squidoo lens you are creating a valuable backlink from a very highly ranked authority site.


Squidoo has now achieved a critical mass and will be able to grow exponentially by using the momentum, information and technologies created by other major Web 2.0 providers such as MySpace, Flickr and YouTube. Now is the time to ride the next wave of internet marketing.




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EzineArticles.com – Squidoo Marketing Strategies – 6 Great Reasons Why You Should Create a Squidoo Lens


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