Business StrategyOne of the most important things you can do in a service business is to focus your business and to maintain that focus. This may sound obvious and even easy, but in modern life, it might be your greatest challenge.


There are so many distractions and demands on our time and attention, that it’s easy to find that time is being disproportionately spent on “business” that is non-critical – essentially “time wasters”. There are so many seductive “pitches” constantly bombarding us, that our time is consumed in resisting and rejecting them. What can you do to focus your service business on staying focused? Here are a few ideas.


1. Know what you want to accomplish.


Have a strategy – a written plan that lays out all that you will spend your business time and energy resources on. Know what you intend to do and when. It’s much easier to maintain focus with a written strategy. You’ve got more clarity about what you do want and need to do when you have a strategy to refer to. When

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you are distracted by some new idea, you can simply check to see if the tempting new idea fits into your plan or not.


2. Consult your strategy regularly.


Daily works great, but at minimum check weekly. This is an excellent method to re-focus by reminding yourself what you want to do and get done. Keeping it fresh keeps it “top of mind”.


3. Always ask yourself one question about any new possibility, “Does it fit my strategy and contribute to its success?”


You’ll see that almost always that answer is “no'”. There’s nothing wrong with putting these opportunities aside, until the timing is right for your business. Don’t worry about deadlines and other sales ploys you’re bombarded by. Make your decisions based on the right timing for YOUR business. Don’t feel forced by outside influences to allow your strategy to go off track.


4. Stay focused on your current #1 priority every day and every week.


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This can be determined, using a time-line in your strategy. With the time-line, you indicate what is the next point of focus you need to maintain to accomplish the next step of the whole plan. If you keep your attention on that single priority, you will keep your business easily and wonderfully focused.


5. Take action consistently on your strategy.


Break your actions down into the smallest possible units. That way, you

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can rather easily squeeze small actions into your busy schedule. You also get a steady stream of small successes on the way to getting your goal. This builds a feeling of momentum, which infectiously buoys your project toward completion.


6. Intend to stay focused.


Deliberately eliminate confusions and distractions. You do have control over this – even when it does not seem to be true. You don’t have to subscribe to multiple ezines, or listen to every free teleclass. Select, select, select. Un-subscribe, ignore, reject, or delete exactly as it fits your business and strategy. Don’t look back, but instead revel in all the ways you free up your time.


Focus on keeping your service business focused, and you’ll feel a lot less stressed and get better financial rewards.




Article Source: – Strategy – The Most Productive Ways to Focus on Focusing Your Service Business


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