List Building using article marketing has alot more to do with it than simply using articles to promote a link to your opt-in. There are ways to make this task very profitable for you and to maximize your sales as a result of doing this effectively.One of the first things that you need to do is to locate a copywriter who can crank out quality articles for you on a full time basis.

These authors cost more than just any, but you will reap the rewards for time to come because higher quality articles, result in higher quality results. For more details . By contacting to have at least five copywriters writing articles for you every month, you will increase your sales dramatically. This works much better, because they can each be writing articles at the same time and you can receive quite a bit more content than just hiring one. For instance, if you have each of them to provide you with fifty, fresh and high quality articles within a one month time period, that is over three thousand articles that will be published in just a year’s time. This is how to effectively manage the business process of continuing to provide content that has a direct link to your opt-in.
Here is the best part. The second year,you will still have those three thousand articles marketing for you and providing daily traffic to your opt-in page. This is necessary for your business to grow at a rate that will be profitable for you.At just two visits a day per month, that is 60 views of your article per month, 720 a year for each article.For more details take only a fraction of that and say that you only average just one view a day. That is 365 views a year multiplied by 3000 articles to give you 1,095,000 unique visitors to your article.

If just one thousandth of them actually visited your website, that is still highly targeted more than two a day who have already learned from you, benefited from what you have shared with them and are much more likely to make a purchase from you after just a few email contacts. This is a must for your business.Put this process into effect immediately and you will see increase in your sales. Now by having 10 full time article writers, you can double your results and even expect more than double because of the increased web presence that over two million views of your articles creates.


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