The more website traffic you have, the more you can build a list of potential prospects.

Sounds pretty simple right?

But like most businesses, either online or off, marketing is a numbers game. The more people who see your website, the more people you get signing up to your list and the more potential you have to generate a bigger profit.

That’s why list building is one of the most vital building blocks of a successful marketing campaign.

Here are some list building tips that you can follow that will help you generate those profits.

Do Your Research in List Building

In order to build that list in the first place, you need people to actually be interested in what you have to offer.

This is why research of your market is so important. In order to get people to sign up to your list, you need to offer something that will answer a need or fix a problem that your market has.

One way to do this research is to visit a few forums and see what kinds of problems people are having. Answer these questions and then offer this up in a free report for people who sign up to your list.

Think Outside Your Website

This free report doesn’t have to be limited to just your own website either.

Place your free report on websites like and and let people know who read your report that you also have a newsletter chock full of tips and ideas that they can use.

Don’t Sell!

I know that this might sound a little counter-intuitive at first but one very big mistake that a lot of online businesses make once they get you on their list is sell to you right off the bat.

The entire reason for building a list in the first place is to build a relationship with your prospects first.

Just think about it for a moment. A website visitor happened upon your site, they decide to sign up to your list because they liked what you had to say and then the first thing you do is send out a sales message to “buy my stuff”.

Not a very good first-impression is it?

Once someone has entrusted you with their email address, they are telling you that they trust you and would like to hear more from you.

They don’t really know who you are at first and have already indicated that they want to get to know you better.

So don’t disappoint them!

Offer them free information that they’ll find useful. Give them a free eBook, a free video, or even a coupon that only subscribers of your list have access to.

In other words, something that will help them.

Send out a newsletter on a regular basis.

Your newsletter can contain timely tips and advice for them to learn from. This helps to build a bridge of trust between you and your prospects.

Trust is one of the major factors in determining why someone will purchase from you.

Keeping in contact on a regular basis and building that trust in you will be a large determining factor in how much money you can actually make from your list.

Treat them with respect, and in return, they’ll reward you with purchases.


6 Comments to “List Building Tips To Transform Your Business”

  1. Allan Riley says:

    Hi Kadri
    I have also have been involved with realestate. Real estate in Australia is still a very solid investment however after the recent global financial hiccup I believe it is more prudent to diversify. I appreciate the IM business is very challenging however I am thoroughly enjoying the current coaching course I am doing with one of Alex Jeffery’s buddies.
    To your online success
    kind regards

  2. Great post!

    Simple and to the point. I’ll definitely use this information.

    Thank you,

    .-= Lesley “Wes” Klatt´s last blog ..Week 1- the Fun Begins! =-.

  3. Sue McDonald says:

    Hi Kadri

    Good informative post. The money is not in the list but in the relationship you build with the list.

    A little about me – My name is Sue McDonald and I am a student of Mark Terrell and I am actually going through the course a second time – by invitation. I love it and know if I do all he says, I will be successful. I am Australian but the US is my second home as I have family there and visit quite often. This is why I started Internet Marketing so I can travel whenever I want and have the money to do what I want.

    Well I hope you are doing well and you become very successful. I would love you to come visit my blog and leave a comment.

    Kind regards

    .-= Sue McDonald´s last blog ..Week 3 of the Newbies Course =-.

  4. Hey Kadri

    I have just come for a visit to your site. How are you going?

    Yes it’s Mark and I am following my students as they post on other peoples blogs. They don’t know that I am always checking to see they are getting results. I am passionate about helping them achieve and then they are able to make some money online exactly the same as I am doing. It is not really difficult as long as they are willing to put in the effort.

    Keep up the good work.


    .-= Mark * Coaching Newbies* Terrell´s last blog ..Coaching Newbies 20 Launch =-.

  5. Rose says:

    Hi Kadri,

    Your post is so on the money. Without a relationship, there is no money.Without a relation ship it is just a bunch of names.

    I am Rose Kline from Pa. I joined Mark Terrell”s coaching and doing everything he says.
    That way I know I will make it to the top percentage of people who make it,,I just started a
    blog and would value your comment or feed back. To your success, Best Wishes and Good Luck in all you persue


  6. Karen Dahlin says:

    Hi Kadri,

    Very good post and great info thank you

    I am a student of Mark Terrell’s coaching and I am stopping by and checking many marketers blogs and glad I stopped by here. I would love for you to stop by my blog and leave a comment. Looking forward to stopping by again.

    Thank You

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