building a listThe first list building strategy you must have is a squeeze page; sometimes this is referred to as a landing page.


This is a simple, short web page which captures the name and email address of the prospect. Very few people will give you their details without getting something in return. Therefore you must give the prospect an incentive to join your list. This is usually in the form of a free gift or report.


This gift or report must be of value and it must be related to the overall theme of your site, list or community. For example if your newsletter, weekly tips, website etc. is all about dog training, and you are building a list to promote dog training equipment, then there is very little value in giving a free report on self building a log cabin.


Once you have tested the page and are happy with your conversion your next list building strategy must be to drive targeted traffic to that page.


There are several ways to accomplish this. The first and quickest way is by pay per click advertising. The king of these is Google adwords. There are many manuals, courses and ebooks which teach this effective list building strategy so I am not going to go into it here in any great depth. Suffice to say that this system is quick and effective, but can be expensive, depending on the completion surrounding your keywords.


The second list building strategy I want to touch on is forum posting. This is a very easy and free way of generating targeted traffic. You simply join forums and discussion boards in your chosen niche. Read the questions being asked and answer as many as you can. This will show that you are knowledgeable about the subject matter and a helpful person.


Most discussion boards and forums allow the poster to have a bio (also known as a signature). In this area you can provide a link to your squeeze page. People reading your helpful replies will click on your signature and be taken to your squeeze page. These people are more likely to join your list as a certain amount of trust has already been generated by them reading your answers in the forums. They obviously must like your style; otherwise they would not have bothered to click through. These are super targeted prospects.


The penultimate list building strategy I recommend is article submission. Writing and submitting articles is a proven method for generating targeted traffic to a website. Your articles need to be informative and on topic. Article directories allow you to submit an article with a resource box at the end. This is where you sell yourself or your website. Check out the one at the end of this article to see what I mean.


The final list building strategy I like, is viral marketing programs. These are reports, software programs etc. which are so good that people will naturally pass them along to their friends. You will see this a lot with emails. For example you receive an email joke from a friend that is so funny, your first reaction is to forward it to all the people in your address book.


Sometimes viral marketing programs can be useful list builders in themselves. If your software has a way of helping the user accomplish a task, for instance “list building” and provides an incentive if they pass it along to others then you have struck on a winner. There are several programs like this on the market and one of the best is Desktop Lightning, which is a free viral, list building system.


So in summary. You need a list building strategy. This strategy should include a squeeze page which you drive targeted traffic to. This traffic can come from pay per click, forum posting, article submission and viral marketing systems. Good luck with your list building.


Source: – List Building Strategy – Simple Tips to Build Your List – Fast!


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