FollowList building is the most important thing you can do to ensure your long-term success with your online business. Whether you’re into affiliate marketing, adsense or creating your own ebooks and products – the most important thing you MUST do is build your list. If you don’t have a list, then you won’t be successful (read: make any money) online.


The good news is that list building isn’t that hard. In fact, it’s easy if you follow a few steps (commandments) and make sure you do them all. Let’s cover what the list building commandments are:


1) Thou shalt create a well-targeted list of like-minded individuals.

Focus on a specific niche market so that everyone who signs up for your product is interested in the same kinds of products or services. When you send relevant content and product recommendations you will receive the best response because it is what your subscribers are interested in. Many marketers have several niche list. As you build you can gather subscribers for other product segments.


2) Thou shalt put an opt-in form on every page of your website.

This is an absolute must follow commandment. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to give you their name and email address.


Gather data at all touchpoints. Your webpage, your business cards, email signature etc. Use every page of your website to entice visitors to sign up for your free product or report.


3) Thou Shalt offer incentives that have a high-perceived value to attract subscribers.

You need to provide an incentive for people to give you their name and email address – and you’d better make that incentive have a high perceived value. It can be a report, ebook, audio interview or even a free membership to one of your web-sites.


The key is to get that prospect to feel like they’d be crazy NOT to give you their contact information, because what they get in return (the incentive) is so valuable.


4) Thou shalt drive traffic to a lead capture page.

A lead capture page is nothing more than a page that is created for the express purpose of gathering customer data. If you are looking for a quick sale, you will sell yourself short. Avoid sending potential customers to a product page. Your first priority is to gather the name and email address first.


If the customer purchases the product, you have made a one-shot sale. However, if you gain the name and email address of the customer you are able to make repeat sales.


5) Thou shalt build trust with your subscriber.

Do not offer your subscribers questionable products. if you don’t know whether the product is top quality, don’t tell your list about it. Your credibility is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t blow it by going for the quick buck.


6) Thou shalt build a relationship with your list.

Give and you will receive. Don’t just sell, sell, sell, to your list. Let the individuals on your list inside your world. The people on your list are real people who want to hear about your life…sometimes.


7) Thou shalt maintain your credibility and build trust.

This happens over time and it’s critical to your success. Credibility and trust go hand in hand, so don’t even think about selling the names of your subscribers or allow any marketers to use information from your list without their expressed permission.


And don’t even think about promoting CRAP to your list – only recommend good solid

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Build trust and visitor confidence through the secure transmission and storage of customer data.

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of contact that insure confidentiality and reinforces trust.


You should be very selective in the products that you recommend to your subscribers. Always sell from the standpoint of having used the product or service yourself. Your subscribers will lose respect for you if you start recommending every product that becomes available.


Avoid product that are of poor quality or over priced. It’s easy enough to find good, quality products to recommend.


So now that you have the list building commandments, are you going to follow them?


Of course you are and to get even more help learning to build your list by getting your hands on free list building resources.


SOURCE: – List Building: The List Building Commandments You Must Follow


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